Is it free? 
Yes the appraisal is free of charge. 
How does it work? 
*A personal agent will contact you, ask you a few questions about your property and agree a time and date for the appraisal. 
What will I require? 
You will need an iPhone or iPad or any android phone with What’s App. 
How will the appraisal be conducted? The details. 
*We will review the information you supplied about your property using our comparable tools and local housing market expertise. 
*An agent will call you at the agreed time and date via Face Time, Facebook Face Time or What’s App Face Time and introduce her / himself. 
*You will take us on a tour around your home: to do this you will need to reverse your camera and show us around your home starting at the front door and visiting each room while you tell us a little bit about each room. We will guide, advise and ask questions throughout the tour, eg how old is the kitchen, how old is the boiler and does it have a service record, when were the windows fitted..? etc. 
*If you have a garden we will need to see that, as well, subject to weather conditions, of course.  
What other information is required? 
Anything you have to hand regarding the property is useful, as the more information we have, the more accurate our appraisal will be. For instance: guarantees and service records; estimated plot size, if it’s a large plot, details about the drains, energy, heating systems and so forth... 
What is the amount of time required? 
This is dependent on the size of the property . It will probably be 30 minutes for a 2 bedroom small house or apartment up to 1.5 hours for a large 5 bedroom property with a large garden. When will you give me a market appraisal selling figure? 
Once we have seen your property via FaceTime we will email you a market appraisal document within 48 hours, more time may be required in busy periods. 
Will I be able to put my property on the market? 
If you are happy with your appraisal and have some high quality digital photos , we can list your property for you on Rightmove and On the Market 
We will need you to fill in a sales agreement. 
Can I have a For Sale board? 
This can be organised for you. 
Is there a cost involved to market the property? 
We will require £250 to list the property and a percentage of the final selling price upon completion. Percentages are usually 1% upwards or a fixed fee can be agreed. 
Viewings: can they be done? 
We cannot do any physical viewings at the moment, however, it is worth gathering interest for when the lock down is over. 
***Of course the virtual appraisals cannot be as accurate as an actual visit to your property. They can however be a useful guide. 
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